About Us

Competitive Exam Resource is brought to you by the publishers of The Competition Master  a monthly magazine founded in 1959. The publication of the print edition was suspended in June 2008.

Competitive Exam Resource caters to study resource like essays and notes on current affairs for all those preparing for any competitive exam, quiz, debate or just looking to update oneself on current affairs, GK etc.

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11 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Sir, I was an avid reader of your magazine for the last 30 years. I congratulate you for bringing out a free on-line versions of your magazine. Wishing you success in your efforts for caring and serving thr youth community.

  1. Sir, your effort in brringing the past issues is highly laudable. Previously I was an avid reader of your high-quality acontent-rich magazine. I wish that your service to the youth should go on continuously.

  2. thanks. this information useful who are thirst abotu exam material. The Competition Master is having standard material who really needs to prepare for exams.

  3. It is the best general information, mental ability and English language skills enhancement magazine in India.I am saddened to note that its print form is no longer available.


  4. it is deeply hurting that a magzine that fed many like me is now suspended. please print and sell in stalls. i do not see a rival.

  5. this was an excellent magazine I ever came across.unfortunately it has stopped.I still have selected editions of 1997 to 1999 and sometimes I still,do enjoy reading them and get valuable insights..thanks a lot Cmaster.

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