Gains and Pains of Digital Transformation

Descriptive Questions & Essay Topic Gains and Pains of Digital Transformation

Essay Topic Gains and Pains of Digital Transformation – A big challenge is the change in the IT customer who is now behaving like a consumer.

Social, cloud, analytics and mobility are rapidly changing the way companies operate. Their synergy has resulted in easy-to-use products and services for customers on the one hand, and richer dividends for companies on the other. Seeing a positive correlation between business performance and the emerging technologies, companies are fast-forwarding to digital transformation.

Customer expectations are changing faster than what IT teams can anticipate. “With multiple conversation platforms, it doesn’t matter where it starts: may be with a chat, then goes on to a social platform. Digital transformation is about integrating platforms and departments to get a unified experience,” says Suman Reddy, Managing Director, Pegasystems.

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Government constitutes National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog

The Union Government has replaced Planning Commission with a new institution named NITI Aayog (National Institution for Transforming India). The institution will serve as ‘Think Tank’ of the Government-a directional and policy dynamo. NITI Aayog will provide Governments at the central and state levels with relevant strategic and technical advice across the spectrum of key elements of policy, this includes matters of national and international import on the economic front, dissemination of best practices from within the country as well as from other nations, the infusion of new policy ideas and specific issue-based support.

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